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is this the one!!!??

Could this be the fail safe recipe for macarons???  This blog is starting to look like my journey to achieving the perfect macaron.  Macarons is one of my favourite sweets and it is also the most frustrating dessert to make (for me).  Though I've had some successes, there's also been many failures even though following the same recipes and instructions.  It's been a while since I've baked due to my hectic "working mum" lifestyle but I came across this video from

So many tips which wasn't explained in many macaron recipes I've came across such as...
Tip 1: egg whites should be room temperature;
Tip 2: folding of the batter until you can make a figure 8 without breaking
Tip 3: THE MOST IMPORTANT is dropping the tray to get all the air out after piping and before allowing it to dry!!!!  Sure enough as you can see, the feet on these macarons are well risen!

The only trouble I had was my oven! I did invest in an oven therm…

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