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The best Chocolate Cupcakes I've ever made! 🍫

Now and then I crave for buttercream...not cakes or chocolate but buttercream!! Not just any buttercream either but the Italian buttercream using egg whites and melted sugar.
Recently I came across this awesome chocolate cupcake recipe when I googled "the best chocolate cupcakes" and found this "Easy Chocolate Cupcake" recipe from

2cupsgranulated sugar1 3/4cup + 2 Tbspall-purpose flour3/4cupsnatural unsweetened cocoa powderI'd ran out of cocoa powder so I used Yarravalley Chocolatier drinking chocolate powder instead!  Makes delicious hot chocolate by the way! :D2tspbaking powder1 1/2tspbaking soda1tspsalt2/3cupcanola oilvegetable oil would also be fineInstead of vegetable oil, I used coconut oil, it smelled so yummy and I really like chocolate and coconut combination.  I think they work really well together.1cupmilk2eggs

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