Sugar makes me happy!

now you know I love my cupcakes but for me nothing beats a chocolate and pandan layer cake from the Chinese bakery "Maxims"...perhaps it's because they don't offer this variety all the time and it's hit and miss as to when they do have it in store...sadly for me, it's mostly miss therefore I want it even more but not today! I have two slices savoured and waiting for after dinner!! :D
Not sure what it is but the Chinese cakes have a light and fluffy texture to their sponge and the cream is sweet and buttery but not heavy. Believe me I've tried looking for recipes to make my own Chinese like sponge cake but for $1.90 a piece, it costs me more than that to make and probably won't taste as nice.
Maxims have been around for a looooooooong time and is also famous for their pre-ordered birthday cakes (Taro is my fav) and also their freshly baked egg tarts which is absolutely delicious!! I'm sure most Melbournians know Maxims so why blog about them? well, this blog is about my favourite eats and not that they need the exposure since they're always busy and have been operating for a very long time...but I sure hate for one my favourite cake shop to go belly up and disappear when I need that happy sugar fix. For everyone who's not had the Maxim experience, life can only get sweeter! tee hee
Photo above: 2 x chocolate and pandan layer cake + 1 x black sesame roulade just sitting and waiting...

Maxims Cake and Pastry
173 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
Ph: 03 9662 1980


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