Breakfast for Walter's daddy - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

At some stage, I had so much trouble getting the batter for pancakes right even after referring to recipe books. After several attempts, I stopped making pancakes for breakfast to DH's dismay! One day, having nothing in the pantry or fridge to cook breakfast I had to make do with what I had..flour, soya milk (lactose intolerant), sugar and frozen berries that I really needed to eat before they expire. Throwing food out is one of my pet hates!

Not bothering with looking up the recipe for measurement, I just threw all the ingredients in a big bowl and mixed. To my delight, it turned out the be the best batter I've ever made.

Today is father's day in Australia and Walter and I thought we'll make daddy's favourite breakfast..MIX BERRY PANCAKE WITH FRESH STRAWBERRIES AND SMOTHERED WITH CONDENSED MILK!! OK, he doesn't like it smothered with condensed milk..I DO!

I realize not everyone is a fan of condensed milk but with my sweet tooth, I go through cans and cans and cans each week. One of the best thing about having a Costco opening up close by, now I can buy bulk and save! lol

If you like to try my "Mixed Berry Pancake with fresh Strawberries" here it is:
Measurements makes enough for 2 or just 1 for a very hungry daddy!

* 1 cup S.R flour
* pinch of salt
* 1 tbsp raw sugar (am trying to stay away from processed foods so have been using raw sugar instead). I found for some reason, having sugar in the batter helps to create a crispier pancake.
* approx. 350ml soya milk
* large handful of mixed berries - I like to use the frozen berries, they're great and no need to defrost beforehand
* butter

1. Throw all dry ingredients in a big bowl
2. Pour in soya milk and stir - add more soya milk if required. The batter should be runny but not too liquified. It doesn't matter if the batter is a little lumpy either :-)
3. Heat up frying pan on medium heat, add some butter to the frying pan to coat but make sure you do not burn the butter.
4. When butter have melted and coat the pan, scoop a ladle of batter into pan and wait about a minute.
5. When the batter starts to form holes on top, flip the batter on the other side to cook about 1 minute or until golden brown.
6. Remove from pan to plate, sprinkle fresh strawberries and pour over with condensed milk! :D

HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! Happy Father's days to all father's out there!!


  1. i love pancakes :D your ones look yummy :D you could try adding chopped up berries into the batter too next time :)


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