Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fluffy pikelets

I'm really loving these fluffy pikelets for breakfast, these are slightly different to the Mixed Berry Pancake with fresh Strawberries in my earlier post but it's just as if not more delicious. I love the fluffy texture and it's super easy you can't go wrong!


2/3 cup Self-raising Flour
1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar
3/4 cup Buttermilk or more if required!
1 Egg


1. Sieve flour and sugar into a large bowl. Whisk buttermilk and egg in another bowl until combined. Add to the flour mixture and whisk until a smooth batter forms.

2. Melt some butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. Drop desired amount of mixture into the pan. Cook until bubbles form on top and golden underneath. Turn and cook until golden on the other side. Transfer to plate.

Butterscotch Sauce

1. Place ¼ cup brown sugar and a ¼ cup thickened cream and 1 ½ tablespoon butter in the fry pan. Stir over a medium-low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Increase the heat and bring to the boil then simmer until thickened slightly.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

more macaroons...

It must be because I think I have a recipe down pat that they begin to fail! After my successful macaroon story, my last two attempts of making more macaroons failed miserably.
Could it be because I left the egg whites longer than 3 days in the fridge?
Or was it because I used liquid food colouring in the egg whites?
Or was it because I made soup during the day and my kitchen had too much moisture in the room.

One reason why it failed was because the macaroon mixture would not dry, even though it was more than two hours after I've piped them. Suspecting that it wouldn't rise, I put them into the oven anyway and sure enough, they turned out flat like pan cakes (they still tasted pretty yummy though).

Just as I was ready to try again, I was hanging about killing time in Borders while waiting for friends. Wondering through the magazine aisles, these colourful, beautifully formed, delicious looking macaroons on the cover of a magazine caught my eye. It was the Woman's Weekly macaroon and biscuit magazine with lots of tips on how to create the perfect macaroon and biscuits. Without a thought I scan through the section to look for the answer...

One tip which really stood out was the beating of the egg whites.
The magazine suggested the egg white should be whisked at slow speed until soft peaks are formed. Then gradually add the sugar and increase the speed until stiff peaks.
I followed this instruction and the macaroons turned out well although, the macaroon mixture still took a while to dry but it eventually did after 1 hour.
Here is the green tea macaroons with rose flavour butter cream center! :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Macha macaroons

Green tea flavored macaroons filled with Buttercream Icing

As many times I'd failed at making creme brulee, I failed just as many times making macaroons! Both are my favourite desserts and to me, they go hand in hand as one requires only egg yolks while the other requires only egg whites. Therefore, it only makes sense to make macaroons followed by creme brulee...

I never thought macaroons were that difficult to perfect and yes, I'm pleased to say while I've perfected my creme brulee, at the same time, I have also perfected my macaroons after the 10th attempt!! Though it doesn't look as nice but, if I must say so myself, I think they taste just as nice as those purchased from the Lindt cafe! (and DH even agrees) ;D


2 ¼ cups icing sugar
2 cups almond meal (I've opted for natural almond meal instead of bleached)
2 tablespoon caster sugar
5 egg whites (at room temperature)


3 days prior to baking the macaroon, separate the white from the egg yolk. Place in the fridge and cover with paper towel. On the day of baking, remove from the fridge and allow egg white to reach room temperature before whisking.

Whisk egg whites until it reaches soft peak, gradually incorporate the caster sugar while beating. Continue to whisk until a stiff peak is achieved.

Add 1/3 of the sifted almond meal and icing sugar into the egg white. With a spatula, mix the mixture, add the remaining 2/3 of the mixture as you go. Continue mixing until the mixture is well incorporated but do not over mix.

Pipe the mixture onto baking paper, leaving a gap of 2.5cm between each circle. Allow it to sit for at least half an hour to dry out the shell.

Pre-heat fan forced oven to 120 degrees celsius.

Before putting it into the oven, lightly touching the top of the piped macaroons mixture. It should not stick to your finger. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

To make the macha macaroons, add 2tbsp of green tea powder to the almond meal and icing sugar mix before adding it into the whisked egg whites. The green tea powder will give you that lovely natural green colour and it tastes great too! :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's another creme brulee

I swear, my first attempt at making creme brulee must've been beginner's luck because since then, my creme brulees has been too runny so I ended up freezing them and turned them into ice-cream, they've been over cooked, curdled or just blahg! Now after my tenth attempt (and I'm not exaggerating - just ask DH as he's had to suffer my many failings by turning his stomach into a garbage bin), I decided that it wasn't was the recipe!! hehe
So I scoured the internet for a 'no fail' creme brulee recipe and came across this fabulous blog "A table for two" and what a fabulous name too I must add! There and behold, I found THE PERFECT non-fail recipe!! Having said this, you'll probably try this at home and it won't work! tee hee..but to assure you, I've made this three times now and each time, it's been perfect!! muaawwwhh! bellissimo!!!

Ever since DH and I had our wedding at the Werribee mansion where we had the best creme brulee dessert EVER and I really mean EVER because everyone scraped and licked their ramekins clean! Now, anytime someone mentions my wedding, there will be no doubt that someone's face will light up and mention THE creme brulee! Now to give you an idea, this creme brulee was very sweet but had a tinge of bitterness from the brulee, it was silky smooth and creamy like thick creamy custard just as described by ATFT...ops, just salivated on my keyboard! LOL

Well, this creme brulee is pretty much what was served at our wedding and I'll be surprise if it's not the same recipe...I hope you enjoy it as much as me because after this, I'm so pleased to say my search for THE creme brulee recipe is over! THANK YOU ATFT!! :D


(make 3 creme brulee on 4Oz ramekins)

1. 1 ¼ cups heavy cream
2. ½ cup full cream milk
3. 5 large egg yolks
4. 1 / 3 cup sugar
5. 2 tsp pure vanilla extract


1. Preheat the oven to 95ÂșC and line up 3 ramekins on a baking tray.
2. In a mixing bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla extract until combined but not airy.
3. Bring the cream and milk just to a boil.
4. Still whisking, pour in about one quarter of the hot milk – this will temper or warm, the yolks so they won’t curdle.
5. Whisking all the while, slowly pour in the remainder of the cream and milk.
6. Give it a stir and make sure all the sugar are melted.
7. Then strain it into the ramekins. Tap the ramekins on the counter to let all the bubbles out, and scoop out the froth on top with a spoon if necessary.

8. Put it in the oven and bake for 50 to 60mins.
9. Tap the side of the ramekins and see whether the centre are set. If it wobbles too much, then it needs to cook a little longer. If it is firm, then you have overcooked them. If it wobbles a little, they are ready as they will still continue cooking while cooling down on the rack.
10. Once they reach room temperature, cover each custard with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours! The longer the better.

The Cheat – Caramelised sugar topping
1. Add 1 cup of castor sugar and 2 tbsp of water in a saucepan on medium heat.
2. Once all the sugar melted, turn it on high heat and let the sugar caramelised.
3. Once you notice the sugar is turning yellow, remove from the stove quickly as it will continue to caramelise in the extreme hot saucepan, so take extra precautions here.
4. Pour a small amount of the caramel on top of the chilled custard.
5. Quickly tilt and swirl the ramekin and let the sugar coats the top of the custard evenly.

Enjoy! :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Vietnamese cold noodle salad

I love having my friends KW and Seto over for meals because KW takes the most amazing photos and makes my food looks doubly yummy!!!
Here is my Vietnamese cold noodle salad DH and I made, a perfect dish for a hot Summer's day...sauce recipe compliments of a Vietnamese friend.


Vermcelli noodle enough for 4 servings
mint thinly sliced
lettuce thinly sliced
crushed peanuts (roasted)
deep fried spring rolls (if preferred you can use grilled meats or peel cooked prawns too)

Place all ingredients into a bowl including the pickled vegetables. Just before eating, pour the fish sauce dressing and mix well.


1 whole lemon to fill 1 cup
1 cup of fish sauce
1 cup of caster sugar
1 glove of garlic crushed
1 small red hot chili

1. Squeeze lemon and fill to 1 cup
2. Add fish sauce and caster sugar to lemon juice and stir until sugar have dissolved.
3. Add crushed garlic to sauce
4. Add dices red chilies to sauce
*you can use this dipping sauce for fried spring rolls too


1 glove of garlic crushed
1 small red hot chili
3 tbsp white vinegar
3 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp salt
enough sugar to soak vinegar
1 cucumber
1 carrots

1. Pour vinegar into a bowl
2. Add enough caster sugar to cover the vinegar in the bowl
3. Add fish sauce to sugar and vinegar and stir until sugar have dissolved
4. Peel vegetables and slice thinly and soak in vinegar mixture for approximately 30mins.
*discard sauce when ready to serve